Plan Your Move

Moving In

Check your lease (Paragraph 11) to see which utility services you need to sign up for and be sure to start services effective as of your move-in date. For electric and gas services, we highly recommend calling to establish an account and coordinating connection dates as the online process with Pepco and Washington Gas can take up to a week.  

  • Pepco (202) 833-7500
  • Washington Gas (703) 750-1000
  • DC WASA – You will receive a form to fill out to setup water/sewer service as part of the lease signing process.

Moving Out

Ensure that auto-pay for your monthly rent has been cancelled as of the end of your lease term.

For the refund of security deposit, provide forwarding address(es) and amount(s) to be refunded to each tenant (if applicable) to

Be sure to close out your utility services as of the last day of your lease. 

  • Pepco (202) 833-7500 – If you plan to move out on the last day of the lease, we recommend adding one day to your Pepco service to avoid moving out in the dark just in case your move goes late in the day. Pepco will sometimes end service midday on the last day of scheduled service.
  • Washington Gas (703) 750-1000
  • DC WASA – One tenant will need to be a designated point of contact for close-out and payment of the final water bill prior to release of security deposit refund.